Admira Suite

Admira is a suite of cloud solutions for Digital Signage, IoT and Smart Retail.

It is based on a flexible and modular platform that adapts to the needs of your business and gets the most out of the digital circuit.

It has different licenses, aimed at different company profiles and with access to specific services.

Admira Digital Signage

The digital solution with the most versatile and robust software and the most secure and efficient cloud platform.

Together they make possible the full management of digital signage circuits with the most advanced functionalities.

Admira Dashboard

The dashboard solution designed for Digital Signage, Internet of Things and Smart Retail circuits.

Monitor, analyze and visualize the fundamental metrics and KPIs to control the health status of the circuit.

Admira Queue

The queue manager and waiting area solution by Admira, designed to optimize the flow of users in customer service areas.

It is designed to be used with Digital Signage devices, which enriches the user experience and reduces the feeling of waiting.

Admira Analytics

The audience and people traffic measurement solution for Digital Signage, Smart Retail and Smart Buildings.

It is a modular suite of solutions designed to identify your user or customer and their consumer preferences.

Admira Spaces

It is the new room manager and appointment services for the Admira Platform.

It is designed for intelligently and dynamically optimize the spaces and material resources of your organization, as well as to comply with hygiene and security protocols.

Admira Music

The solution by Admira for centralized management of background and in-store music throughout the digital circuit.

It allows remote programming from a single platform, without having to use to external tools.

Admira Avatars

Virtual assistance and voice-commerce solution for Digital Signage circuits in establishments and offices.

It allows activating a virtual assistant at the point of sale to help the customer, and manage the remote assistance of real agents.


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