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Digital Signage

Admira’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the most complete solution for Digital Signage projects.

Smart Cities

Marquees, subways, taxis,… We develop Smart City projects worldwide.

Internet of Things

We simply connect “things” to the Internet: screens, marquees, cars, shoes, fragrances, watches…

Artificial Intelligence

We apply Machine Learning to Data Analytics to increase cross-selling and up-selling in retail sector.

We connect things to the internet with special focus to people

Admira connects the elements of the offline world to the internet, increasing its digital possibilities. Screens, opis, marquees, or any other element of the city, can become a platform to a electronic and mobile commerce.

Screens broadcasting
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Professionals with over 15 years experience in digital signage.

Satisfied clients
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Client support, online and offline, fully customized.

Connected countries
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Global solution with five continents presence.

International awards
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The most important awards from Las Vegas or London.

Why our customers choose us

Recent projects

Exterior Plus

Strategic circuits for airports and stations


Dynamic campaigns that react to external conditions


Digital transformation to drive brand heritage


Multimedia integration in the architecture of the point of sale

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Admira Experiences

Our aspiration is to create unique and unforgettable moments for the client, with the aim of creating emotional synergies with the brand. To achieve this, we develop experiences of maximum innovation, applying the most advanced technologies available on the market.

  • Sensorization
  • Virtual Reality
  • Machine learning
  • Motion sensors
  • RFID / NFC
  • Transparent screens
  • Holographic projection
  • Video-mapping
  • Geolocation
  • Gesture-tracking
  • Flexible screens

360º Room

Smart Boutique

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