This is what we believe in

Sustainability and equity are very much present in Admira’s corporate culture. We simply try to lead by example.

We have a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan that, in addition to regular actions, includes proposals such as the following

We engage with the youth of our community

We are aware of the impact we can have on our surroundings and the people around us. Above all, we want it to be positive and enriching for the community we are a part of. That’s why we collaborate with schools, local associations, and social programs such as BravalTerral or Pia Balmes, which promote and teach values to children and youth in the most humble neighborhoods of Barcelona.

We make donations of electronic equipment for the creation of computer classrooms and the conducting of workshops and activities. We provide cutting-edge devices, such as robots or virtual reality glasses, to stimulate the imagination of the youth. Additionally, we personally engage by participating in talks and interactive sessions to introduce new technologies to those with limited access to them.

We promote environmental awareness among colleagues and customers.

We have our own green space called Admira Forest, located near the town of Sitges. It’s equipped to accommodate workstations, meetings, and events, and we use it for team-building sessions, creativity workshops, and product presentations. All of this encourages contact with nature and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Admira Forest is also a venue for celebrating with our clients, and we enjoy involving them in its maintenance. As they achieve new milestones, we invite them to visit the forest and participate in various sustainability actions, such as planting a tree or installing a new beehive. During Christmas, we like to include a jar of this honey in our gift package to raise awareness of the importance of such natural products

We promote equity and inclusion within our organization and throughout the industry

We feel responsible and proud of all our colleagues. That’s why we strive to provide a safe and inclusive work environment for all sensibilities, regardless of gender, culture, beliefs, or sexual identity. Additionally, we aim to promote greater participation of girls and women in technology careers and professions, where they are still a minority even in the 21st century.

Furthermore, we advocate for a more egalitarian, responsible, and committed audiovisual sector, believing that joint and coordinated efforts are crucial. Therefore, we support initiatives proposed by the industry and our peers, such as the Commitment to an Equal Future or the Diversity Council proposed by AVIXA.

We eliminate paper consumption and reuse resources

For several years now, Admira has been reducing paper consumption in its daily activities to the strictly necessary. All documentation has been digitized, and the printing of commercial stationery has been eliminated; we do not print brochures, invitations, or business cards except in very exceptional cases.

Traditional notebooks have been replaced with reusable ones, ensuring that paper is not wasted and each notebook serves multiple purposes. Similarly, we utilize applications that allow colleagues to digitize their own notes.

We don't believe in competition, but in collaboration

At Admira, we are convinced of the digital transformation of companies and institutions as a means of sustainable and responsible growth. Thanks to digital signage, a company can reduce its paper consumption by 70%, and 90% in the printing of graphic communication and advertising materials.

Therefore, Admira’s goal is that if a client decides not to use our services, they continue to embrace digital signage with another company. To facilitate this, we have included a repository on our website with other national and international providers of digital signage services.

These are just some of the ESG initiatives we undertake at Admira. If you would like to collaborate with us on these efforts or seek assistance for other projects, feel free to contact us at


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