Admira Dashboard

Collect. Analyze. Visualize. Decide.

What is the Admira Dashboard?

Admira Dashboard is a tool that enables integrated control panels within the Admira Platform. It is specifically designed for digital signage, IoT and Smart City circuits. In all of these, key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and fundamental data are monitored, analyzed and visualized, and collected in a single section in a clear, precise and understandable manner.

Multiple widgets from Admira Dashboard


Tool for guidance and direction for the entire team. Provides the most relevant and necessary information for improving results.

Visual Colored Widget from Admira dashboard


Data presented clearly and simply, with color codes and different types of graphics.

Customizable options from Admira Dashboard


Fully configurable control panels tailored to the needs of each type of user, department, market or advertising campaign.

Scheduling options from Admira Dashboard


Information generated in real-time, historical data, or evolving over a specific time range.

For all departments


Maximum control over consumer behavior when the campaigns are broadcasted.


Inventory visibility and traceability of devices entry and exit movements.

Technical Support

Detailed monitoring of the digital circuit health and technical maintenance actions.


Strategic display of important and useful information to help in a digital strategy plan.

They use Admira Dashboard

For all markets


React to the market evolution and consumer behavior unexpected changes.

Professional services

Collect and share information with your clients with a high level of detail.

Hotels & Restaurants

Control the screens arrangement in your venues, either individually, globally, or by markets.


Monitor the broadcasting points of advertising campaigns, and collect valuable information for advertisers.


Control panels with data from the digital circuit and necessary KPIs to make better decisions.

Project status

Overview of the circuit or a segment chosen by the user. Details of cases and open incidents.

Displays Operability

Operation of each point of sale according to its opening schedule.

Customer Service

Ongoing open actions and how they affect to the entire project.


Inventory control of devices and filtering by dates and criteria.

Dynamic Map

Geolocation of devices. Visual and interactive navigation.

And much more...

As an in-house developed tool, we can adapt it to the needs of each client.


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