Cottet is a family business with more than 117 years of history, and today is a leader in the visual and hearing health sector. It has more than 30 establishments in Catalonia, Madrid and Andorra, which are positioned as the best optical and audiological centres in the country.

Instronic, audiovisual integrator for Cottet, has counted on Admira as a content management platform for the screen circuit. There are more than 50 emission points, some of them with particularly unique formats that are integrated into the architecture and decoration of the establishments.

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“The main challenge to face the transformation of a century-old company exploring new languages ​​for a brand based on respect for heritage”

Beyond digital signage

Of particular note was the multimedia project for the new flagship store in Barcelona, with more than 1.000 m2, which required a balance between innovation and the legacy of the firm.

More information about the project at Instronic.


The Garage · Barcelona
(+34) 934150930

Lab and Showroom · Barcelona
(+34) 930274035

The Forest · Sitges
(+34) 934150930

Hub Madrid
(+34) 910376906

Hub Portugal · Porto
(+35) 1308800332

Hub USA · Miami
(+1) 9549959971

Hub Mexico · Guadalajara
(+52) 3323173908

Hub Australia · Sydney
(+61) 499 053 288

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