Smart management for queues and waiting rooms

This solution streamlines crowded customer service areas by optimizing human traffic, customer service needs, and modern technology to enhance user experience.

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Enriches the user experience and reduces the feeling of waiting

The integration into Admira Platform multiplies its functions and possibilities of use. Taking advantage of the other tools of the Admira Platform, it becomes an advanced business intelligence solution.

System management Web portal

Queue Platform

Efficient web portal for queue management, with digital tickets, real-time monitoring, and data analysis capabilities.

Queue viewer in waiting area

Queue Display

Clear and concise screens display queue information, including ticket numbers, wait times, and real-time updates.

Queue Management App

Queue Mobile

The worker’s smartphone app allows them to manage turn passing efficiently, ensuring smooth queue progression.

Ticket dispenser Application

Queue Kiosk

Installed on user-friendly kiosk/totem prints tickets swiftly, providing customers with a seamless queueing experience.


Multiply engagement with your users and customers

It is designed to be integrated into smart digital signage screens, which enriches the user experience and reduces the feeling of waiting. In commercial spaces, this increases the customer loyalty and therefore the sales.

Turn your queues and waiting areas into powerful business intelligence tools


They are using Admira Queue


Maximum control in any type of situations

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Show offers and promotions, and increase cross-selling and up-selling.

Hotel Icon

Hotels & Restaurants

Anticipate product information and reduce order times.

Professional Services Icon

Professional Services & Supplies

Broadcast corporate content and strengthen your brand.

Leisure & Entretainment Centers

Make waiting times part of the play experience.

Information & Citizen Attendance

Reduce the feeling of waiting and increase the satisfaction of your citizens.

Train Icon


Enhance voyagers experience broadcasting interesting and useful contents.


Turn your queues and waiting areas into powerful business intelligence tools

Digital Signage


Reservation & Prior Appointment

Health Prevention

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